Kayaking the Waimakairi River Gorge. How Hard is it Really?

I’ve kayaked the Waimakariri Gorge well over a hundred times. On a large number of these trips I was guiding people down for their first time. If you’ve never been through before, and are wondering what the Gorge is really like, I’ll attempt to describe how hard it is, and how much river-time you might […]

How to Navigate Braided Rivers in a Multisport Kayak

Paddling braided rivers with constantly changing channels can be tricky business. With multiple routes to choose from, including many false leads, it’s easy to get lost out there. Here is a system that if followed correctly, will provide success 99.9% of the time.

Video: How to Set Your Paddle Feather For Maximum Performance

Forget personal preference or wind resistance. Here is how to set your paddle feather accurately for a neutral wrist position based on science. Prevent further injury to your wrists. Get more comfort and higher performance out of your stroke with this simple technique that very few people know about.

7 Tips Toward the Perfect Kayak Roll

Learning to roll your kayak is a process of constant refinement. Here are 7 tips that will help you achieve rolling perfection. It all begins with a good set-up position. Having your hands too low in the water reduces the amount of wind-up in your torso, and sets your body too deep into the water. […]