Tips for Buying a Dry Top for Kayaking

Select from our range of the best dry tops for kayaking.

When making your decision, take a look at the weight and quality of the fabrics used. 2 layer - 2.5 layer fabrics will provide a lighter feel when worn, plus offer increased breathability. 3 layer fabrics will provide greater protection against rough use, so will last you longer. The highest quality fabric used is Gore-Tex. This offers you exceptional breathability, while remaining totally waterproof.

Double waist tunnels, plus latex rubber neck & wrist gaskets make for a water tight seal around all entry points. Very little water can get in, even when fully immersed.

When you are paddling in cool conditions, or expecting to be immersed in water a lot (rolling or paddling rapids), then this will be your most valued piece of kit. They keep you warm and comfortable - all without restricting any paddling movements.

If you are new to paddling, then we recommend getting the best model that you can afford. When you are warm and comfortable on the river, you will be far happier, and enjoy paddling a lot more.

If you have any questions, or need help selecting a dry top for kayaking, feel free to contact our team any time for advice.