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Tips for Buying Kayak Spray Skirts

Shop from our range of quality kayak spray skirts. Keep water out of the cockpit, keep yourself dry, and your boat on the surface where it belongs.

Not all models fit all types of cockpit shapes. It is important that you first check the sizing information provided. You may need to measure the cockpit of your boat to ensure you've selected the right size.

You may also need to select your waist size. Follow the size charts to determine the right size for you.

You will also have a choice come in a few different deck materials. Advanced materials can improve the life of the deck, by providing increased abrasion resistance. This durability is desired for whitewater use, but as so necessary for multisport or sea paddling.

There are a couple of different "rand" types to choose from. This refers to the stretchy outer rim of the skirt. A thin shockcord/bungee rand is the most common and easiest to use. As you move to thicker, stronger materials, you reduce the possibility of your deck coming off, or "imploding" in heavy whitewater. The most implosion-resistant models have rubber rands. These take a lot of water force to pop off un-intentionally, but also require more force and stretching to actually get them on the boat to start with. If you are a first time buyer or new to paddling, we suggest going with a bungee rand.  

If you have any questions, or need help selecting the right kayak spray skirt for your boat, feel free to contact our team any time for advice.