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Tips for Buying Kayak PFDs/Lifejackets

We have certified kayak PFDs & lifejackets for you to buy.

Many things should be considered when purchasing one of these essential safety items. Luckily, most manufacturers will build a specific model for the type of paddling you're doing.

If it's multisport, then go for one that is lightweight, low profile, doesn't have zippers on the pockets, and has provisions for a drink bladder.

For whitewater, look for something that provides lots of buoyancy, is durable, and has the ability to be used as a "rescue vest".

For the ocean, it depends on your experience level. If you mainly paddle in calm and relaxed waters, then go for something simple and comfortable. If you're more experienced, you might need to consider the special features the vest has such as rescue tethers or radio holsters.

These are only are safe when worn correctly. So make sure you buy the right size, and follow the manufacturers guidelines. 

If you have any questions, or need help selecting a kayak PFD / lifejacket, feel free to contact our team any time for advice.