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Tips for Buying Whitewater Helmets

Whitewater helmets are our speciality. We have lids for all different head shapes, kayaking types, and styles.

When making your decision, it can often come down to a simple truth - the more you pay, the better you get. Your head has some important stuff in there you want to protect, and we take that very seriously.

Some of the features to look for include... Overall protection, how thick is the padding and what materials is it made from? A peak or no peak? A peak is great for the sun, and also serves a safety purpose by directing flowing water away from your face while swimming.

What is the fit like? Often you can tell by how many sizes it comes in. The more size options you have, the more precise fit you are likely to achieve. One size fit all options can be great too, but once set-up may not be quite as comfortable as the perfect shell size of a higher model.

Also think about what ventilation the design has. Are you looking for something warm, or breezy?

If you have any questions about whitewater helmets, or would like to try one on in Christchurch, contact our team any time.