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Tips for Buying Kayak Pogies & Paddle Gloves

Keep your hands protected with our range of kayak pogies and gloves.

Pogies are attached to the paddle shaft. You slip your hands inside giving you a direct and natural contact with the paddle. To take your hand off the paddle, simply let go with that hand and slip out easily. These are by far the warmest option for very cold conditions, or if your hands get cold easily.

Gloves provide warmth and wind protection, as well as protection against blisters. While most are made to grip the paddle well, many paddlers prefer pogies for the more natural feeling of having skin contact with the paddle.

A simple Sun-Glove is also a really nice option for all conditions. Retain the feel of your paddle shaft, while protecting the tops of your hands from the sun, wind, and knuckle grazes.

If you have any questions, or need help selecting some kayak pogies or gloves for kayaking, feel free to contact our team any time for advice.