Tips for Buying a Multisport Kayak

We have multisport kayaks for sale, plus demos in Christchurch.

Before you buy a boat, it is important that you understand the difference between the classifications; "stable", "intermediate", and "elite". The terms are often called other things or interchanged by different people. Basically we are trying to describe how difficult the boat is to paddle, versus the speed and performance you will gain if you can handle it.

Most multisport paddling is done on grade 2 whitewater, and racing these boats requires a well developed set of skills (which you can learn on our Grade 2 Certificate Kayak Course). Most people starting out in their first season of racing should choose conservatively from our stable/beginner models. Going with a boat that is nice a stable will allow you to have success on the river when learning, and ultimately enjoy the sport more.

Buying a boat that is too advanced for you, almost always ends in disaster. You'll tip over far too many times, which makes learning and having fun next to impossible. Our best advice: "Buy the boat that is right for you now, not the boat you want to be right for you later".

If you'd like personalised advice regarding any of our multisport kayaks for sale, feel free to contact our team and we can arrange a demo for you to test.