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Tips for Buying Kayak Paddle Pants

We have all sorts of kayak paddle pants available to buy. These come in a couple of different varieties. "Dry Pants" "Semi-Dry Pants & "Splash Pants".

Dry Pants as the name suggests, are designed to keep your legs the most dry. They will usually feature latex rubber ankle gaskets to prevent water getting up your leg. Other styles also aim to keep your feet from getting wet with built in waterproof socks. When using this style it is important you protect the socks from damage by wearing good booties over the top.

Semi-Dry Pants will have a neoprene ankle gasket that can let a small amount of water in when wading or swimming. The advantage with neoprene gaskets over latex is durability, ease to get on, and will drain.

The most basic and lightweight is our Splash Pants. These have no ankle gaskets, allowing water to drain freely. They are a nice lightweight option that will protect from water, sun, wind chill, and bugs. Your a required to have a pair with you if competing in multisport races.

If you have any questions, or need help selecting some kayak paddle pants, feel free to contact our team any time for advice.