Tips for Buying a Kayak Paddle Jacket

Select from our range of top quality kayak paddle jackets. We have two main types. "Splash Jackets" and "Semi-Dry Jackets".

Splash Jackets are designed to simply keep the water and wind off when paddling in rough water. These are great for warmer conditions or when you're not expecting to be immersed in cold water.

Semi-Dry Jackets have a double waist tunnel, and tighter seals around the wrists and neck. These are designed to keep most of the water out, but not all. You will still get a little water coming in if you end up immersed, but this might not be a bad thing (as long as the water isn't too cold).

You could choose a Semi-Dry if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a full Dry Top. 

Long sleeved splash jackets are the minimum requirement for most river races including the Coast to Coast, but a semi-dry can be a very smart choice in-case of a swim, or bad weather on race day.

If you have any questions, or need help selecting a paddle jacket for kayaking, feel free to contact our team any time for advice.