Tips for Buying a Whitewater Kayak

We have whitewater kayaks for sale and to try here in Christchurch. We are passionate paddlers and have tried most boats on the market. Above are our favourite boats that we know you'll love too.

When thinking about the right model for you, consider the size of the boat versus your body size. Generally a smaller person will enjoy paddling a smaller boat, and larger paddlers will enjoy using a bigger design. To compare the size of different models, take a look at how many gallons or litres the boat is. This measurement gives you the overall size.

You can also look at the length and width of the design. Generally wider boats will feel more stable and narrower boats more responsive. Longer designs will punch through rapids better and hold their line, while shorter boats will be easier to turn quickly.

All our whitewater kayaks for sale have different hull shapes. These differences really need to be felt and paddled to be truly understood. Luckily our team has paddled them all. Contact us for a good chat with one of our coaches and get some advice, or to try one out for yourself here in Christchurch.