Be totally prepared for race-day.

Improve your river skills on our highly popular Coast to Coast Kayak Course. We’ll help you go beyond the basics, so you feel in complete control on race-day. We will aim to spend as much time as possible on the Waimakariri River in your multisport racing kayak.

First, we’ll help tune your boat and paddle set-up. Receive a complete video analysis of your forward stroke technique before heading onto moving water. We will then take you through the perfect skills progression. Your coach will help you to transfer the whitewater techniques learned during your Grade 2 Kayak Course into your race-boat, and (if weather/flows allow) onto the unique features of the Waimakariri River.

You’ll have the opportunity to be guided down the Kathmandu Coast to Coast kayak section including the Gorge. We’ll be able to teach you how to negotiate the notoriously tricky “bluff corners” which is an area where many competitors struggle on race-day.

Don’t just survive the river. Once you’ve completed these four days with us, you will be feeling far more confident in boat and ready to safely take on the river section with style.


  • Multisport kayak and wing-paddle hire available.
  • Waimakariri Gorge Trip included (weather & skills permitting).
  • Guaranteed to run regardless of weather/flow. In the event of poor conditions on the Waimak’ we will use an alternative training location.
  • Train in a small group size of just four paddlers per coach.
  • Officially endorsed and recommended by Kathmandu Coast to Coast.
  • Receive professional coaching from an NZOIA qualified instructor.
  • Learn over four consecutive days so you reach a higher skill level.
  • Fully safety audited & registered with AdventureMark.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • How to set up your boat and wing paddle.
  • Forward stroke technique video analysis.
  • Improve your rudder & steering skills.
  • How to roll with a wing paddle.
  • How to choose lines for race day.
  • How to paddle large wave trains including the Hamilton Rapids.
  • How to tackle bluff corners.
  • How to pick braids.
  • How to deal with seam-lines.
  • How to effectively use the low brace.
  • How to analyse weather and flow reports.
  • Plus much more!


  • Grade 2 Kayak Course attended (or equivalent experience).
  • You must be able to swim.
  • You need to be of good health & fitness.
  • You need to be between 16-65 years old.
  • You need to be between 50-110kg.

Weather & Flow Conditions

Please be aware that getting on the Wiamakairri River in race kayaks requires conditions to be within an acceptable safety range. There is always a chance that the weather may force us to deviate from our preferred plan. If we are unable to take you on the Waimakairri River due to the conditions, your coach will continue the course in the next-best location. In some circumstances this may mean switching into a different kayak or travelling beyond the Canterbury area.

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“So stoked to get down the Waimak Gorge dry”

Both Sam and Stephen are awesome coaches. They tailor their approach to individuals which meant I got a huge amount from this week. So stoked to get down the Waimak Gorge dry, and to have got my roll back! Thanks for a great four days.

Kylie McGillivray-Brown / Jan 12, 2020

“The stuff that I have learned on this program is definitely going to get me down the river on race day”

I would recommend that anybody who is wanting to do the Coast to Coast first get their grade 2 cert and then also do this four day multisport course. The stuff that I have learned on this program is definitely going to get me down the river on race day.

Darcy Bishop / Oct 6, 2019

“Highlights were going through the Gorge, and learning to roll”

A hugely valuable course, particularly in advance of my first C2C, and with my very limited downriver expereince! Highlights for me were going through the Gorge, learning to roll, plus building my enjoyment and commitment to the sport!

Sonia Bracegirdle / Jan 20, 2019

“Absolutely invaluable”

Absolutely invaluable. I can’t even imagine attempting the C2C Race with out the learning from Coach Sam. Utterly professional and unfailing in attention to detail & safety. Thanks!

Peter Creighton / Jan 20, 2019

“Awesome, confidence gained!”

Awesome confidence gained! Sam was just the best instructor and helped me with where I was at and where I wanted to be. I now feel so much better about paddling!

Michaela McIntosh / Dec 16, 2018

“A must for any new Coast to Coaster”

This training has helped to develop my skills enough to paddle a kayak that is well above my experience level. This four day program is a must for any new coast to coaster.

Steve Brown / Dec 2, 2018

“I now feel excited and ready for C2C 2019”

Excellent program that totally exceeded my expectations. The combination of grade 2 certificate course, plus this multisport training has progressed my kayaking to a point where I now feel excited and ready for C2C 2019. Thanks Sam!

Claire Le Grice / Oct 21, 2018

“I loved experiencing the Gorge”

Such a great experience. Thanks Sam. I learnt heaps, built confidence and really enjoyed being on the river. I loved experiencing the Gorge and spending time with great people.

Matt Calman / Oct 7, 2018

“Just what I needed”

Over the four days I feel I have learnt so much and progressed really quickly. Great instruction, the content of the program was just what I needed. To be able to expereince the river over four days was perfect. Thanks!

Gayle Croft / Jan 25, 2018

“This program was fantastic”

After completing my Grade 2 Course with Sam, this program was fantastic. The locations used for the longer boats were spot-on. It was great to complete most of the race route over a couple days. Looking forward to my Waimakariri River Guided Trip soon!

Simon Collett / Nov 22, 2017

“Very informative”

I tacked this program on straight after my G2 (with a one day gap). I live near Dunedin so this seemed practical to do, and turned out a good way to do it with the one day to rest.The program was very informative with good theory and info done in a classroom setting. The video review of stroke technique before and after coaching tips was great too. C2C 2-day done in Feb ’17 and I benefited from the things this course taught.  In hindsight, the faster lines course would probably also have been of benefit so I’m probably going to book that in before the next C2C I do.

Andy Clare / Feb 18, 2017

“A good call”

I’d already done my G2 with Canterbury Kayaking, but C2C was my aim so this training seemed perfect for me. It was a good call, I’d been struggling with conflicting coaching info from my limited whitewater experience, some work I’d done with flat water racing clubs and a bit of ocean racing. Canterbury Kayaking helped me to figure out what I was actually trying to achieve in the boat, and I successfully completed the one day C2C having not done the race previously.

Simon McQueen / Feb 16, 2017

“Invaluable for me”

Your courses have been invaluable for me on my Coast to Coast longest days 2013 & 2016. Number 1 with you is always our safety which immediately allows us to relax. You then have a great ability to be able to make sure everyone within a group is catered for, whatever their level. Explanation of lines, both fast and safe makes for very enjoyable paddling and has enabled me to look forward to getting in the boat every time.

James Wilkins / Feb 18, 2016

“Confidence to hit the river”

Great training! I came over from Australia to do my Certificate, had such a blast I signed up for this course and Faster Lines. Sam’s coaching gave me the confidence to hit the river knowing I was going to have a wicked time on race day. Each week had a crew with various levels of experience but somehow Sam managed to coach us to our personal limits safely and support us all to reach our race goals.

Louise Carrington / Feb 17, 2016

“Best coaching ever”

Best coaching ever. Thanks to your 1. Direction 2. Speed and 3. Edge I made it without swim through the Gorge today. Finishing 30th overall in 14h, 15mins in the Coast to Coast Longest Day. I owe you so much. Cheers from the Swede!

Erik Blomberg / Feb 17, 2014