Faster Lines Multisport Kayak Course

4 Days $1,195

Take your skills to the next level.

Our Faster Lines Kayak Course is the third stage in your multisport skills progression with us. This completely original and innovative program was first introduced to the kayak community in 2013 by Canterbury Kayaking. Being the first program in New Zealand to help multisport paddlers break away from the “beginner” category, attending this training is now seen as must-do for all who take their multisport kayaking seriously.

This is an intensive, four-day skills training program that will take you on a journey like no other. Pushing your river skills to the next level with the support of a NZOIA qualified coach. Improve and bomb-proof your roll, build on your whitewater skills, and become confident and controlled through the Waimakariri Gorge in your race boat. 

This package can serve as a refresher/development package if you already have some expereince with the Coast to Coast Race and would now like to improve further. If you are on the fast track to your very first C2C Race, have already done the first two courses with us, and are still craving more, you are more than welcome to book this additional training in now.

  • Train in your multisport race-boat (first two days in supplied whitewater boat, then the following two days in your race-boat).
  • Paddle the full Coast to Coast route.
  • You’ll train in a small group size of just three paddlers per coach.
  • Improve your roll technique, and make it “bomb-proof” for the river.
  • Kathmandu Coast to Coast Race approved training provider.
  • Receive professional coaching from an NZOIA qualified instructor.
  • Learn over four consecutive days so you reach a higher skill level.
  • Fully safety audited & registered with AdventureMark.
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Skills You’ll Learn

  • How to roll in rapids under pressure.
  • Improve your whitewater skills.
  • How to pick your own lines down class 2+ rapids.
  • Inside scoop on Waimak’ short-cuts and how to choose them.
  • Develop confidence to paddle centre on wave trains.
  • How to use the fast-water to your advantage.
  • How to take the outside line on bluff corners.
  • How to negotiate rock gardens.
  • Plus much more!


  • Grade 2 Whitewater Kayak Course attended (or equivalent experience).
  • C2C Multisport Kayak Course attended (or equivalent experience).
  • Grade 2 Cert achieved.
  • Successfully rolled a kayak up in calm water.
  • You must be able to swim.
  • You need to be of good health & high fitness.
  • You need to be between 16-65 years old.
  • You need to be between 50-110kg.


“This course has given me much more confidence”

Thanks for the great program. I really enjoyed the week with a great group of guys. This course has given me much more confidence to look for faster water on race day. I will be highly recommending this program to others.

Paul Gow / Dec 19, 2017

Andrew Sclater – 5th, 7th, & 4th place, Coast to Coast Longest Days 2016-2018

I wanted to improve my skills so I had the confidence on race day to paddle as hard as possible. The first 2 days involves lots of white water paddling and rolling. Sam also provides some tips on river flows/dynamics and best areas to paddle in. By the end of day 1 we had notched up 130 rolls. Day 2 involves more white water paddling and some video analysis. By this point everyone was rolling comfortably. Day 3 we move into our multisport boats and transformed our roll to the longer boat. We then completed a lower Waimak run to test the new skills out. Putting it all to the test on a Gorge trip on the final day. I really enjoy these courses. They are well run and organised. We all learnt some valuable white water skills which translated well to the multisport boats and my race results.

Andrew Sclater / Feb 15, 2017

Jess Simson – 1st place, Coast to Coast Longest Days 2014-2015

It was awesome being instructed by Sam who is so passionate about lifting the standard of multisport paddling – both in skills & confidence.  He made me feel safe to try things out in the boat that I never would have otherwise.

Jess Simson / Feb 16, 2015

“I became a very competent paddler”

Coast to Coast 2014 I needed a Grade Two Cert. I signed up with Canterbury Kayaking for no other reason than it was so easy to book in through their website. First week and I was hooked, so I followed it up with a another week, then Faster Lines and I became a very competent paddler. In C2C I finished 4th in my division after just nine months in a boat!

Ian Martella / Feb 17, 2014