Getting Started

Beginner Grade 2 Training (4 Days)

If you are just starting out, or have very limited expereince with river rapids, then the best way to gain your certificate is by joining this program.

Over 4 days, we will teach you all the skills, then assess your award on the final day. You will need to have met the specified standard of paddling by the end (which most people do). If you need extra help to achieve the standard, then additional options are available to help get you there.

The focus of the award is on whitewater paddling techniques, so naturally we use whitewater boats. Your skills and certification in these boats can be easily transferred to a sea kayak or multisport boat for racing. Your assessor will mark on your certificate whether a “stable” “intermediate” or “elite” level of multisport boat would be suitable for you for racing purposes like the Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

Experienced Paddlers

C2C Multisport Training (4 Days)

If you already have experience in whitewater kayaking (comfortable on class 2) but not paddled rapids in a multisport boat before, then we suggest this program as your best option. We will take you through all the skills specific to multisport racing and sign you off on the final day. This program is highly targeted at those doing the Coast to Coast Race.

Waimak River Trip (Single Day)

This option of assessment is for those who can provide evidence (eg. photos) of whitewater paddling expereince on class 3 or higher. This evidence will allow you to join us on a river trip without needing your G2 cert already. During the trip your guide will then assess your skills and award you by the end if you meet the standard.

Recognition of Prior Experience

If your whitewater experience is of grade 4 or above, we can help you at minimal cost. We will collect evidence in a number of ways which may or may not require us to see you paddle in person. Evidence you can submit could include; photos, videos, log book, testimonials etc. We will review this information then let you know if we also need to see you paddle in person. The assessment fee for this varies depending on how much we need to see from you. Contact us to start the process.


If you use your award for racing and have spent a period of time off the river, then we recommend refreshing your skills and certification before a major race. We can provide a number of different ways to refresh your skills and have your award re-assessed. We will help you choose some training that best suits your current ability and we’ll include re-assessment during this time. Contact us for more information.

Assessment Only

We do not run single day assessments for beginners. It is our expereince that most people who book these days rarely have all the skills required to pass. So in order to provide the best service to you, we suggest choosing from one of our training courses – and we’ll include G2 assessment as part of this.